Happy Publishing Birthday To Me! Thanks To You!

Hello my beautifuls! I’m thrilled to announce that today, July 3rd marks 4 years since I published my first book, The Marked Ones to Amazon Kindle. I had no idea how my life was going to change after that moment, but it’s been an incomparable experience; one that is thanks totally and completely to you all. Especially Donella Brown, Howard T Parsons and Emm Cole, whose support has been priceless.
Now here I am on the cusp of releasing my 20th novel, The Wildest woods, and to celebrate it, I’m giving away copies of 2 of my favourite books, The Marked Ones, and The Given Garden Parts 1 & 2 for E-Readers.
Please share the links and spread the word, and let’s see how many readers I can touch this year!
And thanks Again!
#happyauthorbirthday #mermaids #dystopian #kindle
Click link #1 for Angels and Demons!

Click link #2 for mermaids!


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